Powerpuff Gals (Wojowniczki o jutro)

In her last year of high school, Ana, the president of the student union, doesn’t feel comfortable put in the pigeonhole labelled “woman”. Lore, a performer artist, adds her irreverent voice to the student radio station, while Mile faces the authorities to push for the school to be less patriarchal and anachronistic. They introduce us to their intense life as students and their transition to adulthood. Their time at high school reflects the needs of the young to express themselves and transform the world we live in.

🏆 FIDBA Buenos Aires 2023 – ACCA Award (Argentine Film Journalists Association)
🏆 Festival de la Crítica Cinematográfica de Caracas 2023 – Jury Prize


Leonora Kievsky


Mario Siperman, Sol Pereyra


Julia Buratovich


Argentina 2023

running time:

79 minutes



English/Polish subtitles

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