Big Boys

Coming out of age is never easy, but sometimes it gets painfully complicated. For example, when Jamie’s beloved older cousin Allie brings her new boyfriend Dan on a holiday trip they all spend together. Fourteen-year-old isn’t delighted, but soon it turns out that twelve-years-older Dan impresses him with his skills. A special male bond develops between them, and for the teenage boy, it means more than he’s ready to admit to himself. Raised with the belief that homophobic masculinity based on physical power is right and essential for survival, he overcomes his complexes by reproducing toxic schemes. But deep down, he starts to recognize his true self – and Dan’s grown-up attitude is an important part of this process.

Director Corey Sherman puts autobiographical reflection in “Big Boys”, pointing out that body shaming and complexes about body shape aren’t only women’s, but also men’s issue, regardless the age.

🏆 L.A. Outfest 2023 – Audience Award – Best Narrative Feature
🏆 L.A. Outfest 2023 – Best Actor – Isaac Krasner
🏆 FilmOut San Diego 2023 – Best Actor – Isaac Krasner
🏆 Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival 2023 – Honorable Mention – Outstanding First Feature
🏆 Boston Wicked Queer Film Festival 2023 – Audience Award – Best Narrative Feature

directed & written:

Corey Sherman


Isaac Krasner, Dora Madison, David Johnson, Taj Cross, Emily Deschanel, Marion Van Cuyck, Emma Broz, Jack De Sanz


Will Weisenfeld


Gus Bendinelli


United States 2023

running time:

90 minutes


feature film/comedy

Polish subtitles

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