Gay Love Affairs (Shorts)

Copenhagen Rendezvous
Emotionally charged super short film that takes place on a subway escalator. Two men accidentally meet on opposite sides of the escalator, one going down and the other going up. The chance encounter leads to a series of intense flashbacks from the time they spent together.

directed & written: André Palacios Tingberg, cast: Jonas Kajberg, Nicklas Bøhm, Sarah Wiegant Bro, music: Anders Dixen, cinematography: Michael Falgren, production: Denmark 2023, running time: 3 minutes, category: feature film

Fading lights (Des cœurs à contrejour)
Two men are breaking up after living together for thirteen years. The end of their love story is made of tenderness and clumsiness, as well as tears and caress.

directed & written: Alain Petiteau, cast: Baptiste Perais, Alain Petiteau, music: Jay Brush, cinematography: Louis Sciara, production: France 2023, running time: 3 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

A composer attempts to unravel the memories of his relationship with his classical singer ex-boyfriend. Blending poetry by Carol Ann Duffy with a lush orchestral score, “Give” takes the viewer on a journey through the composer’s mind.

directed & written: Kenya Gillespie, cast: Bryan Mittelstadt, Joel DeCandio, Daniel Grube, music: Kenya Gillespie, cinematography: John David Devirgiliis, production: United States 2023, running time: 16 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Picking You Up (Te vengo a buscar)
Carlos hasn’t been the same lately. The reason for his change is a secret that has caused him an inner conflict. It’s connected with what happens in the sauna he goes to every weekend.

directed & written: Jose Provencio, cast: Daniel Suarez, Aritz Kortabarria, Iñigo Izurzu, Juan Robleda, production: Spain 2022, running time: 8 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Rooted (防己)
A teenager is saved by a lifeguard due to a misunderstanding of nearly drowning. This incident subsequently dredges up his long-restrained desires. As a result, he hopes for a different ending to his summer vacation.

directed & written: Yi-wei Wu, cast: Wei-jie Lin, production: Taiwan 2022, running time: 29 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Runaways (Weglopers)
On his birthday, Robert abandons his friends and commitments for a night of sex in order to wager for the affection of a seductive but closed-off Frank.

directed: Brandon Oelofse, written: Brandon Oelofse, Joseph Thomas Kearney, cast: Thomas Puvill, Lev Kiziltepe, Olchert Molendijk, Alberto Zatti, music: Franco Beceiro, cinematography: German Martinez Gomez, production: Netherlands 2022, running time: 25 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Sweat of August (Sudore d’agosto)
Ascanio’s lonely life becomes unstable when he accepts to meet an attractive man he found on a gay dating app.

directed & written: Armando Di Lillo, cast: Armando Di Lillo, Andrea Maggiolini, Michele Renzullo, Francesca Vecchio, Giorgia Bognanni, Luigi Carresi, Daniele Pace, music: Nicholas Sossai, cinematography: Carlotta Oreto, Marco Ponzianelli, production: Italy 2022, running time: 14 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Howard drives his partner Joseph to a hospital to undergo a high-risk operation. Watching two men in the intimacy of a car, alongside a long-forgotten mixtape, we discover the whole beauty of their connection.

directed & written: Thom Petty, cast: Paul Copley, Ian Gelder, Liz Fletcher, production: United Kingdom 2023, running time: 9 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Together with our parents and friends (Junto con nuestros padres y amigos)
Two lifelong best friends, Juanda and Marce, summon their families and friends to tell them something that will completely change the evening.

directed & written: Sandra Flecha, cast: Nicolas Garcia, Raul Vega, Lali Gonzalez, Silvio Rodas, Alejandra Siquot, Hernan Melgarejo, Ana Ivanova, Pope Spinzi, cinematography: Armando Aquino, production: Paraguay 2022, running time: 14 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

121 minutes

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