Just like young David Bowie, she’s a starwoman, a creature from another planet – and the whole world is her runway. “Queendom” is a magnetic portrait of a 21-year-old drag queen. Gena looks like a stylized sculpture, making suggestive, dark creations from garbage, glue tape and make-up cosmetics – creations which she uses on her social media as well as in public space.

She grew up in a town built in place of a Russian ex-gulag – now she’s present on the streets of Moscow with her radical show. This shameless presence is her way of protesting against the treatment of LGBTQ+ people in the far-conservative Putin’s Russia. However, her lone rebellion costs a high price, when she’s forced to emigrate due to her radical performances.

This movie portrait from the borderland between art and activism, documentary and science-fiction, shows not only Gena’s inner world but also confronts old and new Russia. “Queendom” reminds us that drag was always political – Gena knows it and she’s not going to pretend the humility.

🏆 L.A. Outfest 2023 – Special Mention – Best Documentary
🏆 Athens International Film Festival 2023 – Special Mention – Best Documentary
🏆 Zurich Film Festival 2023 – Audience Award – Best Film
🏆 Zurich Film Festival 2023 – Special Mention – Best International Documentary
🏆 LesGaiCineMad, Madrid International LGBT Film Festival 2023 – Jury Prize – Best Documentary


Agniia Galdanova


Gena Marvin


Toke Brorson Odin, Damien Vandesande


Ruslan Fedotov, Anna Zalevskaya


United States, France 2023

running time:

98 minutes



English/Polish subtitles

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