Brazil is Queer (Shorts)

A Bird Called Memory (Pássaro Memória)
A bird called Memory has forgotten how to come back home. Lua, a trans woman, tries to find Memory in the streets, but the city can be a hostile place…

directed & written: Leonardo Martinelli, cast: Ayla Gabriela, Henrique Bulhões, production: Brazil 2023, running time: 15 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

A group of unknown gay men connect via a dating app for casual encounters. The starting point is a chemsex party, where drug use intensifies sexual experiences, but also reveals the depths of human emotions. The film explores both the fascination and liberating energy of these encounters and the emptiness and loneliness that can haunt a gay man’s life.

directed & written: Daniel Porto, cast: Celso Andre, Alexandre Lino, Alessio Abdon, Rodrigo Serphan, production: Brazil 2024, running time: 7 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

I’ll Never Be There (US) (Nunca Estarei Lá)
A year of presidential election, marked by oppression and uncertainty. In the solitude of downtown São Paulo, a virtual friendship, disconnection and loss happen.

directed: Rodrigo Campos, written: Rodrigo Campos, Tomás Fleck, cast: Michelle Rodrigues, Julianna Gerais, André Lu, Nicole Puzzi, William Amaral, cinematography: Vitor Meloni, production: Brazil 2022, running time: 29 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Privileges (Privilégios)
We used to have nightmares about AIDS – today we choose to dream. The documentary invites people living with HIV to select memories to relive performatively in a dream.

directed & written: Daniel Favaretto, cast: Ju Lima, Franco Fonseca, Priscila Obaci, Brunette Coelho, David Costa, Bruna Kury, cinematography: Helo Duran, Tiago Pinheiro, production: Brazil 2022, running time: 34 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

The Girl Behind the Mirror (A Menina Atrás do Espelho)
A transgender girl locks herself in her room for fear of the monsters that threaten her outside. It’s until a new reality appears behind the mirror, where these monsters do not exist and she is free to be who she is, or who she wants to be.

directed & written: Iuri Moreno, cast: Pilar Paz, music: Assucena Assucena, Dênio de Paula, Sarah Alencar, animation: Camila Monart, production: Brazil 2022, running time: 12 minutes, category: animation, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

97 minutes

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