The story of a new beginning in a new city: twenty-something Moritz moves to Berlin with his boyfriend, but their relationship soon comes to an end. Confused by this situation, but also curious about big city life, he rushes for new erotic experiences and acquaintances to let himself go with the attractions of nightclubbing in the city, whose queer side is incredibly colourful and exciting.
Constellations of relations and identities, experiments with drugs and short-lived contacts full of hope for something more – Hannes Hirsch’s feature debut is a fresh outlook on the queer scene of Berlin.

🏆 German Film Critics Association Awards 2024 – Best Actor – Lorenz Hochhuth
🏆 Little Venice Film Festival 2023 – Best Feature Film


Hannes Hirsch


Hannes Hirsch, River Matzke


Lorenz Hochhuth, Cino Djavid, Gustav Schmidt, Oscar Hoppe, Aviran Edri, Cat Jugravu, Alexandre Karim Howard


Elisabeth Börnicke


Germany 2023

running time:

79 minutes


feature film

English/Polish subtitles

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