The Judgment (Wyrok)

Due to family emergency reasons, Mo and Hisham are forced to return from the US to Egypt. Here they can’t admit they’re a couple – it would be too dangerous in a homophobic, strongly religious country. These circumstances release demons from the past – seemingly modern atheist Mo feels threatened and ashamed at home because someone knows his secret. Fear of punishment for sins, of his mother who stood against him and of god whom he always hated start to take control over Mo. On the other hand, Hisham isn’t aware that his partner still believes that their relationship is a sin. Will Mo be strong enough to overcome fears and fight for his freedom?

directed & written:

Marwan Mokbel


Junes Zahdi, Joseph Abboud, Layla Amari, Ali Mokdad, Samara Nohra, Joe Ramia, Jad Sabih, Ali Sammoury, Freddy Shahin, Rindala Tawk


Matias Piegari


Leo Purman


Egypt, Lebanon, United States 2023

running time:

111 minutes


feature film/horror

Polish subtitles

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