Documentary & Experimental (Shorts)

Permissible Beauty
The film uses the notion of “beauty” as both a creative starting point and an analytical lens for interrogating the part that heritage has played in celebrating some lives whilst overlooking others. Placing Black queer experience at the heart of a highly collaborative process richly layered portraits of contemporary figures (rendered in photography, oral testimony, performance and sound) are created. These portraits are an excuse for questioning the changing beauty standards.

directed: Mark Thomas, written: David McAlmont, cast: Winn Austin, Le Gateau Chocolat, Karnage Kills, Ebony Rose Dark, Julius Reuben, Son of a Tutu, David McAlmont, Robert Taylor, music: Afrodeutsche, cinematography: Percy Dean, Robert Taylor, production: United Kingdom 2022, running time: 25 minutes, category: documentary, Polish subtitles

Sean Dorsey Dance: Dreaming Trans and Queer Futures
This Emmy Award-winning, visually-exquisite short is a fusion of dance film and documentary, profiling the trailblazing transgender choreographer/activist Sean Dorsey (USA).

directed: Lindsay Gauthier, cast: Sean Dorsey, Héctor Jaime, Nol Simonse, Will Woodward, music: Alex Kelly, Anomie Belle, Frida Ibarra, Jeffrey Alphonsus Mooney, cinematography: Elie M. Khadra, production: United States 2022, running time: 10 minutes, category: documentary, Polish subtitles

The Flour Test (O Teste da Farinha)
A London journalist returns to his birth nation Brazil to face one of the demons of his adolescence: the Flour Test. It consisted of army recruits being made to sit butt-naked on flour to measure the circumference of their anus and therefore the integrity of their morals. Jair Bolsonaro’s homophobic government attempted to introduce legislation akin to the infamous Test.

directed & written: Victor Fraga, cast: Marcia Andrade, Victor Fraga, Bira Freitas, Hamilton Lima, Julio Cesar Mello, Edgard Navarro, music: Erika Nande, cinematography: Rafaela Uchôa, production: United Kingdom 2022, running time: 20 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

the occurrence of colours by night
The film tells about spaces being explored and conquered by a moving body. Genderfluidity perforates borders made up in our minds, filling up the space with a diversity of visual presence.

directed: Sophie Lenglachner, cast: Jan Kollenbach, music: Johanna Schlömicher, cinematography: Alexander Fricke, production: Austria 2022, running time: 5 minutes, category: experimental

The ones we choose (Ceux que l’on choisit)
“I give you a documentary about my chosen family. The ones I decided to walk through life alongside with.” First taking the form of a family video; this documentary takes us from the intimate to the collective, from the intimate to the political.

directed: Roméo Bertrand, production: France 2022, running time: 30 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

Tracing Skin
The body is a landscape on which intimacy travels. “Tracing Skin” is an explorative film about the fine line between intimacy and obsession between queer individuals.

directed & written: Max Kutschenreuter, cast: Robyn, Bishop Black, music: David Whiting, cinematography: Janne Ebel, production: Germany 2022, running time: 3 minutes, category: experimental, Polish subtitles

running time:

93 minutes

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