Kokomo City

Poignancy, monochrome, videoclip-like shots. Black, transgender women are funny – D. Smith, the director of “Kokomo City” is one of them. Breaking a martyrological scheme, which is usually the base of narration for trans-stories, she tells about inseparable connection of gender and race, not only in relations with men, but also between trans-daughters and their mothers, who have to make peace with the fact that they “lost” their sons. Daniella Carter, Dominique Silver, Liyah Mitchell and Koko Da Doll are characters made of flesh and bone, telling stories about boys, family, sex, sex work, dreams and troubles without dispensable censorship. “Kokomo City” emanates with the honesty and wisdom of black, transgender women, giving them a voice.

From the harmonized voices of her characters, D. Smith builds an honest picture, full of life experiences and energy. However, the story has its tragic epilogue – shortly after the movie’s triumph at Sundance festival, Da Doll was shot to death in her home city, Atlanta.

🏆 Berlin International Film Festival 2023 – Panorama Audience Award – Best Documentary
🏆 Sundance Film Festival 2023 – NEXT Innovator Award
🏆 Sundance Film Festival 2023 – Audience Award


D. Smith


Daniella Carter, Koko Da Doll, Liyah Mitchell, Dominique Silver,


D. Smith


United States 2023

running time:

73 minutes



Polish subtitles

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