Trans Non-Binary (Shorts)

First Months of Freedom
For transgender Cat, freedom is not an ordinary thing – she spent most of her life in prison. The film documents her first months of freedom, creating an opportunity to share stories of her childhood, life behind the walls of male prisons and relationship with her husband, who remained behind bars.

directed: Kristin Li, cinematography: Catherine Lynn Quick, Midnight Forman, production: Canada 2022, running time: 9 minutes, category: documentary, Polish subtitles

Somewhere in the Irish countryside, a couple of young parents has to bear a huge burden: their child happens to be intersexual – they should keep their decision on its sex assignment surgery a top secret. The date of their surgeon appointment is coming: will they be able to fight for the good of their child and love it, regardless of its sexuality?   

directed & written: Katie McNeice, cast: Pat Shortt, Fiach Kunz, Johanna O’Brien, Cate Russell, Rebecca Hickey, Gerry Cannon, Joe McNeice, music: Emer Kinsella, cinematography: Richard Kendrick, production: Ireland 2022, running time: 18 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

A patchwork quilt of intersecting identities, Ordinary weaves together multiple storylines to explore the purpose of identifiers and their meaning. Atlas questions whether identifiers truly identify anyone.

directed & written: Atlas O Phoenix, cast: Atlas O Phoenix, production: United States 2022, running time: 12 minutes, category: documentary, Polish subtitles

Sobre Elas
A deep insight into different alliances, a picture of women’s rights movements – their members band together, strengthening the mutual support network. This film is evidence, that the liberation is a mutual work and not a solitary game.

directed & written: Bruna Arcangelo, cinematography: Bruna Arcangelo, production: Brasil 2022, running time: 14 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

A non-binary child struggles to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for their disapproving dad.

directed & written: Kristen Wolf, cast: Ethan Fletcher Daly, Eli Weadley, Burke Brown, Ilasiea Gray, Joseph Tabano, music: Forrest Lotterhos, cinematography: Robert Muratore, production: United States 2022, running time: 20 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Their Memory (Memori Dia)
Triggered by an old family photograph, a young adult named Azka retraces their childhood – a sacred stage of life when they became aware of the external world around them and their inner self. While revisiting these long-forgotten memories, Azka discovers unresolved pains they never knew existed.

directed & written: Asarela Orchidia Dewi, cast: Chloe Clau, Bebe Gracia, Yuan NM, Harry Izwan, music: Ribka M. Pattinama Coleman, Aase Nielsen, Morgan Matthew Sully, cinematography: Herlangga Janottama, production: Indonesia 2022, running time: 19 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Quinn expects his transition and another puberty to be a euphoric time. He starts to realize, however, that being a man who’s accomplished everything by himself, comes with a whole bunch of new problems…  

directed: Danuta Janiszewski, Fiori van Rijswijk, written: Danuta Janiszewski, cast: Payton Cella, Todd Cattell, Brayden Raqueño, Arsenio Castellanos, cinematography: Amelia Asilis, production: United States 2022, running time: 14 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Visiting Johanna (Zu Besuch)
Julia arrives in Vienna to surprise her sister Johanna at her art performance. Johanna has rented a room for her feminist performance, hired two musicians and invited everyone she knows. But the vernissage turns into a miserably unsuccessful evening, which might bring the two siblings closer together again.

directed & written: Martin Weiss, cast: Elena Wolff, Thea Ehre, Tilman Tuppy, Aurelio Ghirardelli, Sven Langkabel, cinematography: Xavier Pawlowski, production: Austria 2023, running time: 12 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

118 minutes

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