Upon Waking (Przebudzone)

A supernatural lesbian love story. Two young women struggling with their inner demons get carbon monoxide poisoning on a first date. When they fall into a coma, their disembodied spirits must learn to love, so they can have a chance to wake up.

“Upon waking” is a story about learning to transcend the fear of death, as well as to overcome resistance to intimacy. The characters wrestle with forgiveness, healing the pain of abandonment, they ask themselves questions about sacrifice and unconditional love while trying to come up against the dark sides of their souls.

🏆 Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2023 – Best LGBTQ Film

directed & written:

Max Rissman


Sherilyn Fenn, Chris Zylka, Elsie Hewitt, Emelia Hartford, Kahyun Kim, Sulem Calderon, Tilky Jones, Vanessa Dubasso


Pierce Constanti, Pano Fountas, Fadi Ghassan Khoury, George Hutson Warren


Stirling Bancroft


United States 2023

running time:

107 minutes


feature film

Polish subtitles

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