Chilly, insular, claustrophobic Dublin: narrow, stifling streets, dark bars, dark corners. The view from the terrace of private investigator Val Barber’s penthouse apartment provides no sense of space or freedom. Everyone knows everyone here and everyone has secrets buried for years, grudges are intractable.
On this background, the case led by investigator Val Barber is set in. A 20-year-old girl disappears and her grandmother, daunted by the attitude of corrupted Irish police, comes to Barber, asking him to look into it. Barber’s investigation leads him to unsavoury places, into the highest ranks of power and to people who don’t want him sniffing around. The wall of institutional silence is growing, and Barber has to rely on a whisper network of frightened witnesses who hesitate to even talk to him. It’s 2020 and besides pandemic, there’s a tension in the air, connected with growing #MeToo movement. And it’s Ireland, where the catholic roots are still quite strong.


Fintan Connolly


Fiona Bergin, Fintan Connolly


Aidan Gillen, Aisling Kearns, Gary Lydon, Helen Behan, Deirdre Donnelly, Liam Carney


Forrest Gray


Owen McPolin


Ireland 2023

running time:

90 minutes


feature film

Polish subtitles

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