The second golden age, challenges of love (Dojrzałe wyzwania w miłości)

An independent movie production from Hungary, called by its creators “a human-rights soap opera”. A couple of two middle-aged women and the stifling atmosphere of a little Hungarian town – will it eventuate in a witch-hunt?
A painter moves in with her partner, an art teacher. The rumours spread fast, the local public opinion boils and the librarian plans a reading from a famous children’s story book “A Fairytale for Everyone”, where Cinderella is Romany, while the Snow Queen is a lesbian.

This story is based on true events – its scenario was written by local society members and life itself. Local people also decided to play in the movie along with professional actors. The movie is also meaningful in the context of the discriminating actions of the Hungarian government, and sadly, in the moral panic of the province, we can find similarities to Polish reality.


Mária Takács


Zsuzsanna Bak


Tünde Bacskó, Emese Vasvári, Zoltán Tölgyesy, Zsuzsanna Horváth, Réka Fekete, Fatime Halmos, Orsolya Heletya, István Flecker, Kovács Mátyás, Orsolya Balogh, Csaba Gerner, Iván Várhelyi, Dorottya Rédai, Cilin Magdi Timár, Tünde Murányi, Csaba Csík


Milán Hodován


István Kürti, Ajnácska Csíkszentmihályi


Hungary 2023

running time:

92 minutes


feature film

English/Polish subtitles

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