Our Son

Nicky (Luke Evans), a book publisher devoted to his work, lives with his husband Gabriel (Billy Porter), a former actor who decided to suspend his career and become stay-at-home dad, and their eight-year-old son, Owen. Gabriel loves Owen more than anything; Nicky loves Gabriel more than anything. Despite appearances, Gabriel has been dissatisfied with their marriage for some time and files for divorce. Peaceful family life changes to a custody battle that forces both of them to confront the changing reality of their love for each other and for their son. 

Director Bill Oliver created an intimate drama, a story about modern family with its bright and dark sides of life. Billy Porter and Luke Evans shine as two fathers, navigating the difficult journey through a messy divorce that will change everything they knew.


Bill Oliver


Peter Nickowitz, Bill Oliver


Luke Evans, Billy Porter, Christopher Woodley, Robin Weigert, Andrew Rannells, Isaac Powell, Phylicia Rashad, Kate Burton, Nuala Cleary, Cassandra Freeman, Alfredo Narciso, Liza J. Bennett, Gil Perez-Abraham


Ola Flottum


Luca Fantini


United States 2023

running time:

104 minutes


feature film

Polish subtitles

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