About festival:

LGBT Film Festival is one of the most important events on the cultural map of Poland. It takes place every year and became the biggest celebration of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) cinema in the country.
It brings us closer to the world that we are often longing for. The world of freedom and equality, respect for our rights and identities but also the opportunities that often remain only in our dreams.
9th LGBT Film Festival 2018 (13-19 April)


Apricot Groves

Aram, a young Armenian man, who lives in the United States since he was born, comes back to the country of his origin to propose […]

HIV po polsku

Despite the increase in Polish people’s awareness when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV/AIDS, they are still a taboo subject, a substitute […]

Love Life & Screw Ups

A Bollywood version of ‘Friends’. Nine thirty-year-olds can’t imagine their lives without one another. They meet in a café every day where they laugh, talk, […]

Holding the Man

Tim and John met in their high school years. The acquaintance of a novice actor from school theater group and the captain of high school […]

Bar 51

After the passing of their mother, the siblings leave their home and travel to Tel Aviv, where they intend to start a new life. They […]

Drifting (Nagu’a)

Guttman’s film debut from 1983. It was a first film about Israeli gay people. The main character is Rubi, who lives with his grandmother and […]

Amazing Grace (Hessed Mufla)

The last and, at the same time, the most personal film of Amos Guttman’s. The main character, Jonathan, moves to Tel Aviv. He wants to […]

Gender Troubles. The Butches.

“You have to be feminine.” If you do not comply with that requirement, it means trouble. In case of butch lesbians, the problem of double […]

Raoul Wallenberg Tragic Hero or Agent 103?

Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat and an associate of The Refugee Board in the period between July 1944 and January 1945 was saving Jews in […]

Drag Becomes Him

Jerick Hoffer leaves provincial Portland and issues a challenge to the world as Jinkx Monsoon. He takes us on a journey from Seattle and its […]

Samobójstwo (Suicide Kale)

Four lesbians, two couples, one afternoon, a nice lunch. What can potentially go wrong? Nothing? Something can… An anonymous piece of paper lands on the […]


Potrzeba Everyone needs something. Usually something different… The main character of the movie discovers what it is exactly that the two of his friends need […]

Artykuł osiemnasty

Why was it impossible to pass the law on formalizing single-sex marriages? The title of a full-length documentary refers to art. 18 of the Constitution […]

Mój koniec świata

After a few years of relationship, Eryk leaves Filip and sinks without a trace. Filip doesn’t know how to cope with this new situation and […]

Yes, We Fuck!

Six authentic stories about a diverse sex people with bodily dysfunctions have. The main characters have different sexual orientations and preferences. However, they are connected […]

Ka Bodyscapes

India, misogyny and homophoby, overpopulated world full of prejudices. Three young heroes: Haris, Vishnu and Sia fight with prejudices against sexuality, corporeality and gender in […]


Apollo Apollo is a teenager lost in the world posessed by the cult of body, gender norms and the determinants of normality. He wants to […]


Kiki means party, not a usual one, but the one at which you can be whoever you want. Young, Afro-American LGBT+ New Yorkers rid themselves […]

Poszukiwacze (Search Engines)

Holiday. Worst days of the year? Brimming of phony feelings and attempts at staying on track with diet. Spent with a family, far from what […]

Moje jest inne

Parents and families of gays and lesbians constitute a collective main character of the movie. We’re listening to a polyphony of voices laced with shock […]

Fair Haven

James lives with “demons” and his father, who has great plans for him. After his mother’s death the boy undergoes a conversion therapy (treatment for […]