14th LGBT+ Film Festival 2023

🏆 THREE NIGHTS A WEEK (Trois nuits par semaine), dir. Florent Gouëlou - Best Feature Film
🏆 HOW TO TELL A SECRET, dir. Shaun Dunne and Anna Rodgers - Best Documentary
🏆 OKAY. NEVERMIND., dir. Yaaley Weiss - Best Short Film

The 14th LGBT+ Film Festival Poland 2023 breaks the record this year by taking place at cinemas in as many as nine Polish cities and online!

As always, next to the films from the most prominent world festivals in Berlin, Cannes, Venice and Sundance, our programme featured arthouse and avant-garde films from outside the mainstream. In 11 blocks, we presented a record number of the best short productions from the farthest corners of the world!

We also showed some queer classics, like "Girls in Uniform," Olivia," and "Colette," and films with Marlon Brando in a special section dedicated to the film heritage left by him and his lovers.

9 cities, 10 best arthouse cinemas! 156 screenings in Poland!

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