11th LGBT Film Festival 2020

🏆 TWO OF US (My dwie), dir. Filippo Meneghetti - Best Feature Film
🏆 BESIDE THE VISTULA RIVER (Nad Wisłą), dir. Agata Korycka - Best Short Film

11. LGBT Film Festival 2020 was a special one. The covid pandemic has totally changed our reality, therefore organizing a film festival in its traditional formula was quite a challange – we had thus decided for a hybrid formula: at first traditional screenings in cinemas of nine Polish cities and then an on-line edition on Outfilm.pl platform. In this way the festival gained a second life and became even more democratic.

The programme, apart from titles from the most important festivals in the world: Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Sundance, included some more modest, avant-garde and non-mainstream pictures. Some of them depicted the Polish reality – telling stories on the struggle for minority rights. The other were concentrated on the biographies of non-heteronormative people, enriching the queerstory. Each of them was made for all the viewers – against any sort of divisions and categories – these are the pictures that the world needs most now!

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