9th LGBT Film Festival 2018

The festival opened with an Italian film “Who Will Save the Roses?” (“Chi salvera’ le rose?”), directed by Cesare Furesi. The film was a triple nominee of Italian Golden Globe Awards (Globo d’oro).

For the very first time in the festival’s history, we presented a very extensive set of shorts: over 30 productions from the most distant corners of the globe, including several Polish ones that were made at the Warsaw Film School.

The following documentaries had their Polish premiere at our festival: “Sidney and Friends”, “Polyland” and a Queer Palm nominee in Cannes (2017) “Coby”.

Numerous panel events and discussions took place during the festival. We talked i.a. about “the HIV drug” – that is PrEP, about the identity of queer, transsexual and transgender people. We also touched the subject of asexuality.

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