Concerned Citizen (Ezrah Mudag)

Everything looks very nice and harmonious. A beautiful apartment in Tel Aviv, filled with light and plants, with Ben and his partner Raz in it. They are happy, in love and are planning to become parents (currently looking for a suitable egg donor and a healthy surrogate), they are conscious citizens and care about the place where they live (a “difficult” immigrant neighborhood). This idyll is interrupted by a brutal event that triggers, like in a psychotherapeutic process, the dark mechanisms of deep-seated prejudice.

Layer by layer, Idan Haguel carefully exposes the shallowness of multiculturalism, the grim face of gentrification, and transparent, unconscious racism. While maintaining clear, mild esthetics, he mercilessly delivers his diagnosis of the privileged middle class. Although the local historical context is crucial here, the portrait of a self-satisfied Westerner has a universal dimension. Like an expert therapist, the director asks questions without answering any of them.
Karolina Kosińska, New Horizons

🏆 Berlin International Film Festival 2022 – Panorama Audience Award – Best Feature Film, Nominee
🏆 Berlin International Film Festival 2022 – Teddy Award – Best Feature Film, Nominee

directed & written:

Idan Haguel


Shlomi Bertonov, Ariel Wolf, Lena Fraifeld, Uriah Jablonowsky, Ilan Hazan, Yshelu Gebremkiel, Flora Bloch, Idan Hubel, Yael Rozenblit


Zoe Polanski


Guy Sahaf


Israel 2022

running time:

82 minutes


feature film

English/Polish subtitles

    films-2023: Programme

    I Fell In Love With A Teacher!

    Lesbian Love Affairs

    Long Story Shorts

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