Women to Women (Shorts)

Life paths of young nurse and her patient cross at the junction of cold proffessional approach and the desire of closeness.

directed & written: Aleksandra Odić, cast: Vicky Krieps, Aenne Schwarz, Geno Lechner, Horst Günter Marx, music: Micha Kaplan, cinematography: Albrecht von Grünhagen, production: Germany 2021, running time: 23 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Loved Girls Wear…
Since young, Bunny’s view of the world has been shaped by the staunch views of her mother. However, with a bit of puppy love and a few new colorful friends, Bunny realizes the world is not as gloomy and treacherous as her mother painted it out to be.

directed & written: Megan Teo, cast: Cadence Koh, Julien Kerk, Eleanor Tan, cinematography: Anusha Lara, Shayla Lee, production: Singapore 2022, running time: 12 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Monsieur Le Butch
A queer, grown-up child and old-fashioned Jewish mother living in one house again – for Jude Dry this situation is starting point for conversations about differences, that may be annoying. Between conversations about mastectomy and haircare, two close persons realize that they don’t have to fully understood to be fully loved.

directed & written: Jude Dry, cast: Jude Dry, Cecelia Dry, cinematography: Jacob Blumberg, production: United States 2021, running time: 12 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

On this wondrous sea
How can a woman full of pain have the strenght to find a power to fight for her place in society? Maria Cyber fights for the right to diversity.

directed: Kalliopi Legaki, cinematography: Odysseas Pavlopoulos, production: Greece 2022, running time: 18 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

To my next lover
A short film based on a poem To my next lover by Paula Harris, which shows what might lie ahead when we are in love.

directed: Kieran Charnock, written: Paula Harris, cast: Stevie Hancox-Monk, Elle Wootton, production: New Zealand 2022, running time: 4 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

We’re not who we used to be anymore (Não somos mais o que éramos)
Preparing to leave their apartment where they once lived together, Claudia and Dani expose their pain, feelings and certainties which led them to the end of relationship. Assuming their fault in building life together leads to the moment of honesty and affection.

directed & written: Patrícia Sá, cast: Adriana Lessa, Taty Godoi, music: Dope.audio, cinematography: Rodrigo Provazi, Léo Eloy, production: Brazil 2022, running time: 20 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

89 minutes

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