Ukraine is Queer (Shorts)

Ukrainian film has flourished in recent years, and queer cinema is becoming a notable and inextricable part of it. This program represents new queer Ukrainian voices that have the potential to become a major force in the Ukrainian and international film world. As most film productions are being halted by the war, the future is uncertain, and they need support for their voices not to be silenced.

This selection of films from a country, that defends the democratic world from the horror of war, shows us, how the situation of LGBT+ people in Ukraine after the Russian invasion has changed: from searching for one’s self and struggling for rights and life’s improvement, to fighting for life itself. LGBT+ people are joining the ranks of the military, volunteers, and others fighting for Ukraine’s very existence, and their unity is a sign of hope.

I Am Michelle
A 20 years old transgender girl lives in Kyiv. She returns to her birthplace, a small village in Western Ukraine, to visit her relatives and friends who were the first who accept her identity. Remembering back her life and being between her dreams and reality, she understands that her true desire is to be a real woman and become a mother.

directed: Olena Siyatovska, written: Simon Mozgovyi, Olena Siyatovska, production: Ukraine, Netherlands 2022, running time: 21 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

Homo Deus. Divine Human
Ulya and Nazar climb on the roof to have sex and spot a man about to jump down. They rescue the guy who is under the influence of psychotropic drugs. Ulya insists on not leaving Ilya in this state alone. They spend twenty-four hours caring for the guy. That day changes the lives of all three of them forever.

directed & written: Julia Deglina, cast: Mariia Shtofa, Arthur Aliiev, Danylo Kamenskyi, music: Yuriy Bulichov, cinematography: Ilya Mikhaylus, production: Ukraine 2021, running time: 20 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Pride is Not Available in Your Region
In 2021 in Kyiv, in front of the presidential office, the “Reyvakh Pride” was held. The purpose of the event was to draw public attention to the safety of LGBT+ people, the arbitrariness of the police, the lack of investigation into past crimes of radical groups against the queer community. It was supposed to become an annual event, but the war changed everything. In 2022 the Kyiv Pride could not be held in Kyiv because of the ongoing war, so it was held in Warsaw. It was the first Warsaw Pride that marched hand in hand with the Ukrainian Kyiv Pride.

directed: Yura Dvizhon, written: UkrainePride, cast: Arthur Vovchenko, Anton Ganichev, Anna Ustinova, Alem Elina, Oleksander Kosiakov, Marysia, Mariia Ashera, Pavlo Fedchenko, Oliver Popov…, music: Koloah „Millennium sun”, cinematography: Kostiantyn Bibliuk, production: Ukraine 2022, running time: 3 minutes, category: video clip, English/Polish subtitles

Ukrainian Queer Fighters for Freedom
On February 24 at 6:31 a.m. my partner called me and said “please don’t panic, but they started bombing Kyiv”. At that moment a new reality started. The reality full of horror and pain. This documentary is about the experiences of queer people during the war.

directed: Anzhelika Ustymenko, written: Rebel Queers, production: Ukraine 2022, running time: 30 minutes, category: documentary, English/Polish subtitles

The entire profit from tickets will be donated to Ukrainian filmmakers, who document the situation of Ukraine facing the Russian invasion. HERE
UW, April 13, 7 p.m. MORE

running time:

74 minutes

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