Three Nights a Week (Trois nuits par semaine)

In the beginning, there was the Look: drag queen Cookie Kunty amazes and hypnotizes with her appearance and performances. Baptiste is enchanted, although in everyday life he has a girlfriend, Samia. But entering the surround of drag queens will allow him to find a path to his own creativity and get rid of his own limitations. That’s what Samia has been encouraging him to do for a long time – but she didn’t predict, that Baptiste’s photography project with Cookie can turn into something more…

Director Florent Gouëlou, through the eyes of his protagonist, shows his own way to find joy in drag, which is a way to taunt the norms, although it also can be so exhausting that it’s hard to walk on your own feet when you spent all night on high heels. In “Three Nights a Week” everyday personality clashes rapidly with the stage, drag one. Suddenly Baptiste finds himself in the middle of an unusual triangle with two faces of the same person. Is it possible to find some space for an additional man in life that a drag queen shares with her everyday persona?

🏆 Venice Film Festival 2022 – Queer Lion, Nominee

Support provided by the French Cultural Institute in Poland


Florent Gouëlou


Florent Gouëlou, Raphaëlle Desplechin


Pablo Pauly, Romain Eck, Hafsia Herzi, Harald Marlot, Mathias Houngnikpo, Holy Fatma, Calypso Baquey


Benoît de Villeneuve, Benjamin Morando


Vadim Alsayed


France 2022

running time:

103 minutes


feature film

English/Polish subtitles

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