Splendid Isolation

The landscape is just like that: two women on desolate island, a world after a great catastrophe. Anna and Hanna, running from the unknown and unnamed danger, make a shelter in an abandoned house. Their only companion is a drone, a big mechanical insect watching over their solitude. Though their hideaway, made from glass and concrete, gives an illusion of safety, an anonymous danger is still close. Finally, it materializeses in a strange, half-ghostly form.

Urszula Antoniak rather tries to expose a relation between love and death, longing and loss, things that has to remain untouched yet present, than tells a specific story. Two female characters are inseparably bounded, yet completely isolated.

The movie focuses on disturbing views, leaving the actual events behind. The spectators are allowed to dive into unsettling images and arrange an interpretation of this story according to their own emotions. Desire and death are the main characters here.
Karolina Kosińska, New Horizons

🏆 Rotterdam International Film Festival 2022 – Big Screen Award, Nominee

Support provided by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw

directed & written:

Urszula Antoniak


Khadija El Kharraz Alami, Abke Haring, Anneke Sluiters


Myrthe Mosterman


Netherlands 2022

running time:

80 minutes


feature film

Polish subtitles

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