Papa & Dada

In her new documentary, Daniela Ambrosoli, specialised in sensitive look, portraits four same-sex couples fulfilling their dream about parenthood.
Their stories are different when it comes to time and country, but similar in terms of the joys and difficulties of being a parent. Ways to fulfill the family dream are various – one couple used surrogate services, and another decided to adopt a baby. Searching for sources of information about raising a child, Brian and Ferd noticed the lack of a website addressed to non-heterosexual future fathers, so they started a page of their own. John & John were amazed by the wide opportunities when it comes to choosing features of their future baby, but finally, they come to the conclusion, that the most important thing is a happy and healthy baby.
The keynote of “Papa&Dada” is unconditional love. Just like one of the couples, Christian and Mimmo said: “being a parent simply means showing love. Period”.

In cooperation with awareness raising campaign “Zorientowani na Rodzinę”

directed & written:

Daniela Ambrosoli


Christian Iannuzzi, Mimmo Iannuzzi, Tim Kelleher, Kelly Klassen, John Lam, Josh Reed, Brian Rosenberg, John Ruggieri, John F. Senior Ruggieri, Demis Volpi, Ferd von Gameren,


Josh Knowles


Aliocha Merker, Mark Shaw


Switzerland 2021

running time:

91 minutes



Polish subtitles

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