Marlon Brando’s Lovers

In 1943, when Marlon Brando arrived in New York (as he used to say himself, he had “holes in his socks and holes in his mind” back then), there were not only the scene and the silver screen to conquer but also hearts of all boys and girls in New York to win. After he got kicked out from military school for boys – the rumour has it, for organizing a 9-people orgy, at the age of 18, he decided to develop his acting skills. The uniqueness of New York would also let him satisfy his voracious lust. Voracious throughout his entire career. The mythical list of people he slept with contains such names as Marylin Monroe, Cary Grant, Richard Pryora, Rita Moreno and James Dean – with whom he had a twisted, sadomasochistic relationship. Among the rich film legacy of Brando and his lovers, there are numerous outstanding queer films. In this section, we will introduce two of them.

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