Mama Bears

Through their deep love for their queer kids, “Mama Bears” became the most supportive allies of the rainbow community. Full of warmth and tenderness on one hand, they are real-life fighters on the other, ready to show what they got, when it comes to fighting for their children’s rights.

The movie also follows the struggles of young LGBTQ+ people to accept themselves, which perfectly shows us why the existence of “Mama Bears” is so important. The Mamas, risking the loss of bounds with friends, family and their church communities, are putting the support and safety of their children in the first place, even if it turns their world upside down and requires a total change of everything they believe in. As one of the “Mama Bears” said: “I used to see LGBTQIA+ community as people who need help to see the Truth, who need to be saved from hell”. But Mama’s love for their children changes everything.

The movie clashes different worlds on both sides of the camera: here we got a queer, progressive, Afro-American female director on one side, and white, conservative Christians on the other. For the director, Daresha Kyi, the risk that Mamas took while coming out of their comfort, normative space, was the most impressive part of this project.

🏆 Palm Springs International Film Festival 2023 – Local Jury Award, Honorable Mention
🏆 Cleveland International Film Festival 2022 – Local Heroes Competition – Daresha Kyi
🏆 FilmOut San Diego, US 2022 – FilmOut Festival Award, Best Documentary
🏆 Sun Valley Film Festival, US 2022 – Best Documentary Feature
🏆 Calgary International Film Festival 2022 – Best International Documentary, Nominee
🏆 SXSW Film Festival 2022 – SXSW Grand Jury Award, Documentary Feature, Nominee

In cooperation with awareness raising campaign “Zorientowani na Rodzinę”


Daresha Kyi


Parker Cunningham, Sara Cunningham, Liz Dyer, Tenita Lewis Artry, Shadae Miles, Terrell Morris, Timothy "TJ" Morris, Esther Kai Shappley, Kaleb Shappley, Kimberly Shappley, Tammi Terrell Morris


Gil Talmi


Amy Bench


United States 2022

running time:

90 minutes



Polish subtitles

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