Lesbian Voice (Shorts)

Egúngún (Masquerade)
A young woman, Salewa, returns to her homecountry, Nigeria. She’s searching for healing after mother’s death and thinking about who she really is. What she discovers instead is a path that takes her into her past and toward understanding of the people and experiences that shaped her.

directed & written: Olive Nwosu, cast: Teniola Aladese, Sheila Chukwulozie, Loveth Onyemaobi, Momoh Pius Oshogwemoh, Angel Peters, Elizabeth Popoola, music: Tzvi Sherman, cinematography: Tom L. Weir, production: United Kingdom, Nigeria 2021, running time: 15 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Elo & Flo
The story takes place in few moments, when Eloise, living in an open relationship with Florence, takes pregnancy test. Possibility of raising a child provokes talk about their future together. Are they ready to continue?

directed: Mia Martinez, written: Joshua Thil, cast: Amelie Fournel, Becca Isaias, music: Brooke Teacher, cinematography: Jonnathan George, production: Canada 2022, running time: 9 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Maddie is an excellent history teacher, the best Rabia ever had. When her mentor experiences a tragic loss, young girl decides to take care of Maddie… Even if it bends boundaries between them.

directed & written: Mat Johns, cast: Joanne Mitchell, Payal Mistry, Leah Baskaran, Neerja Sethi, Kelsey Openshaw, Liam Scholes, music: William Morris, cinematography: Jenni Suitiala, production: United Kingdom 2021, running time: 18 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

Queen of Pain (La beauté du geste)
A telephone operator in a suicide prevention center, Charlotte recognizes the voice of an ex-girlfriend on the line. Lucile’s determination to end her life will be confronted with feelings that are about to reheat.

directed: Cyril Carbonne, cast: Adèle Journeaux, Mathilde Mery, production: France 2022, running time: 25 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Safar is a story of two souls who want to live happily ever after and to blend in with the crowd.

directed: Kapil Joshi, written: Parakram Singh, cast: Namrata Varshnay, Bharati Perwani, music: Rameez Kzubair, cinematography: Ershad Shaikh, production: India 2022, running time: 6 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

73 minutes

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