In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction

“In Her Words: 20th Century Lesbian Fiction” documents the history and impact of lesbian fiction from the 1920s through the 1990s. Narrator, Lillian Faderman, describes the impact that the key world events had on LGBTQ society and history throughout the decades. She also talks about how LGBTQ history affected the rest of the world: the scandal that broke out after the publication of “The Well of Loneliness” in 1928 had an irreversible impact on women loving women, but it also affected the visibility of this group in the eyes of society.

One of the documentary’s advantages are multiple interviews with lesbian authors, who present personal stories in the context of already existing, and then changing reality. Female writers talk about searching for a place to express themselves, and how many personal experiences they included in their fiction.
Thanks to the impressive collection of photos and interviews, the film casts a light on events which affected the phenomenon of lesbian writing and raises a glass to their triumphs.


Lisa Marie Evans, Marianne K. Martin


Marianne K. Martin, Sandra Moran


Lillian Faderman, Lee Lynch, Jewelle Gomez, Rita Mae Brown, Dorothy Allison, Jenifer Levin, Ann Bannon, Lesléa Newman, Katherine V. Forrest, Elena Dykewomon, Nancy Garden, Ellen Hart, Patrick Califia, Sarah Waters, Claire McNab, Karin Kallmaker, Penny Mickelbury, Achy Obejas, Marianne K. Martin


Lisa Marie Evans


United States 2022

running time:

99 minutes



Polish subtitles

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