Gay Love Affairs (Shorts)

Even If some day I’m gone? (¿Y si un día ya no estoy?)
Roman remembers his moments with Andres. He has daydreams of their past together. But Andres disappeared; Roman is desperate for an answer.

directed & written: Roberto Adrian Carlos Caballero, cast: Ramon Yañez, Guillermo Guajardo Morales, Graciela Eligio Flores, production: Mexico 2022, running time: 11 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Fado Menor
Two gay, immigrant men set out to reconcile their issues while roaming around the dark streets of Lisbon. While reminiscing their time together, they think back to an awkward encounter regarding
confrontation of their sexuality.

directed: Salvador Alejandro Gutiérrez, written: Nusrat Islam, cast: Paulo Pascoal, Matamba Joaquim, production: Portugal 2022, running time: 8 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

Gods of the Supermarket (Les Dieux du supermarché)
In times of body positive movements, the film pays tribute to the mainstream representation of the male body, which the director has a love-hate relationship with. Through a series of images gleaned from the internet, this short film puts cultural obsession with unrealistic beauty standards into question.

directed & written: Alberto Gonzalez Morales, music: Lucas Innocenti, Esteban Mercier, production: Switzerland 2022, running time: 8 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

On their last night in town, Kaleb, known more commonly under stage name Ivy Diamonds, meets
Ryan, an artist from Vancouver. The few hours they spend together before Kaleb heads back to his tumultuous relationship bring him an unexpected sense of clarity. Stay is a tender, insightful exploration of relationships.

directed: King Louie Palomo, written: King Louie Palomo, Stephanie Cardona, cast: Kenneth Wyse (Kendall Gender), Riley Davis, Jarred Stephen Meek (Deedee Lacraze), Van Dang (Shay Dior), music: Aaron Smail, cinematography: Azael Flores, production: Canada 2022, running time: 22 minutes, category: feature film, Polish subtitles

The dependent variables (Le variabili dipendenti)
Pietro and Tommaso are at the gates of their teenage years. They meet in a theater, while the notes of Vivaldi resonate around them. That same afternoon, surrounded by the silence of the house, they will try to understand it. A short film about first clash with intimacy, without certainty and rules.

directed: Lorenzo Tardella, written: Mara Fondacaro, Elisa Pulcini, Lorenzo Tardella, cast: Simone Evangelista, Mattia Rega, Francesco Ortolani, Lorenzo Robustelli, Silvia Venturi, music: Fabio D’Onofrio, cinematography: Simone Rossi, production: Italy 2022, running time: 15 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

The extravagant illnesses (Les maladies extravagantes)
At 17 years old, Louis is a romantic boy, loving to spend time on a small island with his lover Thibault. But Thibault has also a relationship with Sophie. Louis decides to cast a love spell on him, to have the boy on his own.

directed & written: Raphaël Deslandes, cast: Guillaume Lenain, Alice Thillard, Martin Villemonteix, cinematography: Quentin Guichard, production: France 2022, running time: 24 minutes, category: feature film, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

88 minutes

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