Framing Agnes

Through the experience of collective memory and inherited trauma, the group of transgender artists beholds one of the significant points in the history of medical care for transgender people. The movie “Framing Agnes” is a silent tribute from a trans community to an anonymous pioneer, who decided to join in the research about sex and gender, led by sociologist Harold Garfinkel at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). She was searching for a way to get sex reassignment surgery.

This film forces the viewers to widen quite tight frames, through which the history of trans emancipation is usually seen – too tight fit in such multiple experiences and different life scenarios. The main purpose to create “Framing Agnes”, according to director Chase Joynt, was to give the proper voice to the transgender community and let them tell the story of their own. He wants to reverse the tendency for showing transgender characters alone, as those who can rely only on themselves, potentially too sensitive individuals. This film is another proof, that queer community is a powerful thing.

On the screen, we’ll see, among others, Anjelica Ross known from “Pose” and Jen Richards (queer series “Tales of the City”).

🏆 Sundance Film Festival 2022 – Audience Award NEXT
🏆 Sundance Film Festival 2022 – NEXT Innovator Award – Chase Joynt
🏆 Merlinka festival 2022 – Best Documentary, Jury Prize
🏆 Bergen International Film Festival 2022 – Gullugen Award
🏆 Perlen – Queer Film Festival 2022 – Best Documentary, Audience Award, Nominee
🏆 Queer Lisboa – Festival Internacional de Cinema Queer 2022 – Best Documentary, Jury Prize, Nominee

Support provided by the Canadian Embassy in Poland


Chase Joynt


Chase Joynt, Morgan M. Page


Jules Gill-Peterson, Chase Joynt, Angelica Ross, Jen Richards, Max Wolf Valerio, Silas Howard, Stephen Ira, Zackary Drucker


Aubree Bernier-Clarke


Canada, United States 2022

running time:

75 minutes



Polish subtitles

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