Flirting with death already, but still looking for the love of his life – queer performer Lulla La Polaca is over 80 years old, yet he still wants to dance, have fun and love. But the youthful soul is held back by the weakening and ageing body. How does it feel to desire what one doesn’t keep up with anymore? To crave for love, having so little time for her to fulfil?

A stranger in the tribe of seniors, flourishing among the youth that keeps on leaving him behind; Lulla doesn’t belong anywhere. Trapped between memories of the past and the hope for a new relationship, he runs away from solitude into the realm of fantasy.

He doesn’t fit any roles or generational clichés: he goes to funerals and pride parades; to dance parties and gay clubs. The oldest Polish drag queen walks with grace through the world that glorifies youth – and “Boylesque” picks out the heart-warming moments from her life.

🏆 IFF Hot Docs Toronto 2022 – The Emerging International Filmmaker Award
🏆 IFF Krakow 2022 – Audience Award, “Srebrny Lajkonik”, national competition
🏆 Młodzi i Film Koszalin 2022 – Feature Length Documentary Debuts Competition, Special Mention

directed & written:

Bogna Kowalczyk


Andrzej Szwan


Wojciech Frycz


Miłosz Kasiura


Poland, Czech Republic 2022

running time:

71 minutes



English subtitles

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