All About My Child

At the very best they’re invisible on a daily basis. At the worst – they become „LGBT ideology” and a target of attacks. Both, verbal and physical ones. The reality of transgender and nonbinary people in Poland often consist out of pain and fear. Their families are scared too. This film is a parents’ tale of dysphoria, depression and suicidal attempts of their children, but also of difficulties in finding the right doctors and what one has to go through in Polish courts to fight for their identity. Those are the stories that do not lack of love. Piotr Jacoń listens to stories of “rainbow” parents – a motorwoman, a teacher, a farmer, a miner. They come from big and small towns. From Poland and from abroad. “Everything about my child” is a very dark story at times. But in front of all that it’s a story about love – and a personal standpoint of the reportage’s author on transsexuality.


Piotr Jacoń


Bartłomiej Serafiński, Adam Diehl, Damian Denel


Poland 2021

running time:

47 minutes

English subtitles

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