Da Vinci, an illegitimate child, was an outcast from the very beginning of his life. After hundreds of years we talk about his homosexuality. The film by clear-sighted director, Malga Kubiak, is a queer reconstruction of some events from Leonardo’s life, being at the same time a great casting for angels and gods for his colossal canvas and frescos – in the film we can see a unique, contemporary casting at Berlin Porn Film Festival 2021.

The director dedicates this film to her infant brother and grandfather, who was a general. She has never met neither of them, but both rest in peace near each other on Rakowicki cemetery in Kraków.


Malga Kubiak


Goyo Anchou, Rafael Domagala, Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Agata Grabowska, Thomas Goersch, Agnieszka Jackl, Bernhard Kempen, Mats Lundell, Billy Morgan, Agata Mai, Oskar Pawelko


Paris Fucked Music Society+ vocal Malga Kubiak, Edka Jarzab Chor, Jorgen Andersson + vocal Estrella Rydman


Malga Kubiak, Daria Infanti, Kari Jantzen


Sweden 2022

running time:

100 minutes

Polish/English subtitles

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