Three Tidy Tigers Tied a Tie Tighter (Três Tigres Tristes)

São Paulo, a dystopic future, not so very distant from the present. There is an epidemic of a virus, that takes over the mind, depriving the ability to remember. Three young, non-heteronormative people walk around a city, ruined by the virus and capitalism, meanwhile they share their experiences and tale stories about former loves. In the world of political forced amnesia, memoirs can survive only in a community, while being passed on in relationships with others. It’s a Golden Age for those, who have been marginalized so far.

Berlin International Film Festival 2022 – Teddy Award


Gustavo Vinagre


Tainá Muhringer, Gustavo Vinagre


Isabella Pereira, Pedro Ribeiro, Jonata Vieira, Filipe Rossato, Gilda Nomacce


Marco Dutra, Caetano Gotardo


Cris Lyra


Brazil 2022

running time:

86 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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