Trans & Non-Binary Shorts I

Beautiful They
Violet and Blue’s youth collide in an early morning toke that leads to the ocean. A tender, uplifting queer romance about the nuance of gender and being truly seen.

directed/written: Cloudy Rhodes, cast: Morgan Davies, Sariah Saibu, music: Freya Berkhout, cinematography: Jordan Maddocks, production: Australia 2021, running time: 11 minutes, Polish subtitles

Between Us
Kei longs for a “normal life” in rural Japan. But for a transgender man who is jobless in his own hometown, getting to normal is one steep climb.

directed/written: Cailleah Scott-Grimes, cast: Chihaya Sho Kadota, Mariella Pacey, Kumiko Kato, cinematography: Hans Bobanovits, production: Canada, Japan 2021, running time: 17 minutes, Polish subtitles

Her Dance (Rikoud Hasidi)
After she had not been invited to her sister’s wedding, Aya, a trans woman, shows up by surprise on a Shabbat night at the Orthodox Jewish community, where her family lives.

directed/written: Bar Cohen, cast: Carmit Mesilati Kaplan, Leeoz Levy, Hagar Meshulam Weizman, music: Ólafur Arnalds, cinematography: Matan Abramovitz, production: Israel 2020, running time: 22 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

The documentary “Kekre” focuses on the experiences of masculinity performances positioned as “other” against the hegemonic understanding of masculinity and aims to reveal the construction of dominant masculinity performance in society.

directed/written: Umut Derin Eroglan, production: Turkey 2021, running time: 23 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Pool Boy
Austin, a college jock home for the summer, unexpectedly develops feelings for Star, his parents’ non-binary pool cleaner.

directed/written: Luke Willis, cast: River Gallo, Tim Torre, Justin Chien, music: Daniele Truocchio, cinematography: Connor Ellmann, production: United States 2021, running time: 10 minutes, Polish subtitles

running time:

83 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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