Monkey – addiction testimony

Karol opens up to us by telling his story – he shows an exceptional courage by doing so, exposing what it means to be addicted to opioids. Beside of Karol’s personal testimony, in the film we will also hear what a professional psychotherapist, Agata Stola, and a toxicologist, dr. Eryk Matuszkiewicz have to say on the topic.

Drugs from the group of opioids are the strongest painkillers known. Larger doses are intoxicating. They are also strongly and fast addictive. We might have thought, they became less popular throughout the last decades, mostly because of HIV/AIDS threat, if they have, however, we will learn from the story of Karol Marzec.


Frank Myonk


Karol Marzec, Agata Stola, dr. Eryk Matuszkiewicz


Poland 2022

running time:

48 minutes

English subtitles

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