Lesbian Shorts II

Fence (Hegn)
Ebba wakes, just an arm length away from her girlfriend Jona, the reminiscence of her dream about separation and a longing for unity takes its toll on them.

directed/written: Hilke Rönnfeldt, cast: Lisa Carlehed, Emilie Claudius Kruse, music: Sigurlaug Thorarensen & Julius Pollux Rothlaender, cinematography: Roxana Reiss, production: Denmark, Germany 2021, running time: 12 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Lonely Cowgirl (Ensom Cowgirl)
Liv is counting the days until she is reunited with the woman she loves. However, solitude slowly begins to test her mental strength.

directed/written: Gina Kippenbroeck, cast: Carla Eleonora Feigenberg, Kristine Utne Stiberg, music: Frederik Lehmann, cinematography: Gerda Falk, production: Denmark 2021, running time: 19 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

The Cracks (Szczeliny)
Teresa falls into postpartum depression. Together with her husband, they decide to move for some time to Teresa’s family house. Unexpectedly, she meets there her old love – Anna. Their old feelings come back to life.

directed/written: Magdalena Gajewska, cast: Fryderyk Gnap, Sandra Korzeniak, Maciej Miszczak, Jaśmina Polak, Maciej Robakiewicz, Justyna Wasilewska, music: Piotr Nermer, cinematography: Adam Pluciński, production: Poland 2021, running time: 30 minutes, English subtitles

The Cost of Living
Lily comes face-to-face with her worst fear. But Death appears to Lily as a femme fatale and Lily finds herself unexpectedly giddy with desire.

directed/written: Alice Trueman, cast: Kieron Jecchinis, Lily Loveless, Genesis Lynea, Mia Soteriou, cinematography: Lorena Pagés, production: UK 2021, running time: 13 minutes, Polish subtitles

Ayumi and Sayaka want to have a wedding-style photo shoot to celebrate their five-year anniversary. Then, a disappointing response comes from one of the photo salons.

directed/written: Erika Nakayama, cast: Erika Nakayama, Yukimi Soma, Michiyo Yokoyama, Maaya Iwakura, Tomoko Tate, Masaru Mori, Taijirou Arakawa, music: Kisa Sakaguchi, cinematography: Sai Ishizuka, production: Japan 2021, running time: 18 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

running time:

92 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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