Lesbian Shorts I

From A to Q
When Alex has a dream in which she confesses her love to a girl, her whole world is turned upside down.

directed/written: Emmalie El Fadli, cast: Sophie Rivers, Holly Ashman, Philips Nortey, Claire Cartwright, music: Charlotte Partt, cinematography: Beatriz Delgado Menal, production: UK 2021, running time: 19 minutes, Polish subtitles

Girls Shouldn’t Walk Alone at Night (Les filles ne marchent pas seules la nuit)
After a late night high school graduation party, Chantal and Delphine walk home alone in the dark…

directed/written: Katerine Martineau, cast: Amaryllis Tremblay, Nahéma Ricci, Guillaume Laurin, music: Paloma Daris, cinematography: Alexandre Nour Desjardins, production: Canada 2020, running time: 17 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

His Eyes (Blaue Augen)
After Cleo’s girlfriend Anna introduces her to a new scientific method that would give them a child and complete their family, Cleo becomes skeptical.

directed/written: Alexander Weber, cast: Miriam Fussenegger, Isabella Jeschke, Elisabeth Kanettis, Faris Endris Rahoma, music: Benjamin Steiger, cinematography: Alois Kozar, production: Austria 2022, running time: 23 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

A Mennonite woman reverts to a secret language when her best friend begins the rites of marriage.

directed/written: Cameron Bruce Nelson, cast: Madeline Burton, Isabel Lasker, Walker Hare, Eve Sinclair, Sonja Monica Athey, cinematography: Christian Vasquez, production: United States 2020, running time: 11 minutes

Tillie’s lonely life as a roadkill removal worker is destabilized when Wanda, a lively stranger, comes to town.

directed/written: Aliza Brugger, cast: Gamze Ceylan, Nana Ponceleon, music: Harsha Thangirala, cinematography: Brent Scott Maze, production: United States 2020, running time: 15 minutes, Polish subtitles

The Going
It’s been 6 months since Leila died. Emma knows it’s time to clear out and move on. But why does it feel like she’s still here?

directed: Máirín O’Hagan, written: Sarah Anson, cast: Sarah Pelosi, Sarah Anson, cinematography: Tom Bradley, production: UK 2021, running time: 11 minutes, Polish subtitles

running time:

96 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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