Gay Shorts I

Marco cuts class to spend the afternoon with his boyfriend. Things do not go as planned.

directed/written: Matthew Puccini, cast: Manny Dunn, Morgan Sullivan, Sean Patrick Higgins, music: Nathan Prillaman, cinematography: Matt Mitchell, production: United States 2020, running time: 11 minutes, Polish subtitles

Half-Jewish, bisexual Jonah comes out to his girlfriend, shaking the foundation of their relationship and launching a tragicomic exploration of love and religion in New York City.

directed/written: Jacob Roberts, cast: Ryan Vincent Anderson, Annabel O’Hagan, Jacob Roberts, Matt Walker, cinematography: Drew Levin, production: United States 2021, running time: 11 minutes, Polish subtitles

Of Hearts and Castles
A man who’s deep in the throes of a break-up, meets another man for a night in Los Angeles that will forever keep them connected.

directed/written: Rubén Navarro, cast: Philemon Chambers, Luis Carazo, Jessica Spotts, music: Arturo Cardelús, cinematography: Bongani Mlambo, production: Spain, United States 2020, running time: 15 minutes, Polish subtitles

The Howling (Skowyt)
Kuba grows up in a small, drowsy village, where nothing is going on. He is brought up by his father, an alcoholic sheep breeder. One day an old acquaintance shows up…

directed/written: Bartosz Brzeziński, cast: Maciej Łączyński, Adam Stępnicki, Robert Czebotar, Mateusz Trojanowski, Jakub Onichowski, Bartosz Gomoła, Oskar Rybaczek, music: Tomasz Mreńca, cinematography: Max Bugajak, production: Poland 2021, running time: 30 minutes, English subtitles

The escort gives his client the illusion he has paid for. “I’ll make you a star”, the customer says, before the tide turns abruptly and the power dynamics are unsettled.

directed: Antonio Marziale, written: Antonio Marziale, Cole Doman, cast: Antonio Marziale, Jonathan Slavin, Cole Doman, music: James William Blades, Taul Katz, cinematography: Matthew Pothier, production: United States 2022, running time: 14 minutes, Polish subtitles

You Will Still Be Here Tomorrow
A gay, married man is continuously forced to ‘come out’ to his father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.

directed/written: Michael Hanley, cast: Jonathan Watton, Eric Peterson, Ahmed Muslimani, Leo Orgil, music: Spencer Creaghan, cinematography: Justin Black, production: Canada 2020, running time: 17 minutes, Polish subtitles

running time:

98 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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