Noam, 16, was born as a girl to a religious family in a settlement in Samariah and studied at an all-girl religious school; Ofri, 16, always was the cool girl who played soccer with the boys, but inside he always knew he was a boy. Romy, 16, was born as a boy to a secular family but as soon as she started playing with dolls, her parents signed her up to a religious school. Liron, 17, grew up hiding behind different costumes, including a phase of heavy makeup, and shiny dresses, before he was ready to face his true self.

“Transkids” is the result of four years of intimate and deep documentation of four teenagers and their families, shedding a brand new light on the personal and social impacts and implications of youth gender re-assigning – a subject which has been and still is controversial and delicate worldwide, and even more so in a militarized Israel. However, the naturally charged gender transformation is not the only challenge in these teenagers’ lives.


Hilla Medalia


Romy Abergel, Noam Kaniel, Liron Matzas, Ofri Shemesh


Ran Bagno


Avner Shahaf


Israel 2020

running time:

103 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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