Lesbian Shorts

Colada (The Wash In Love)
María is in love with her neighbor Susana. She wants to make her fall in love, but she only meets her on the landing, where they tend the laundry.

directed/written: Ibon Hernando, cast: Teresa Grau, Clara Navarro, Alfons Nieto, Alejandra G. Sevares, music: “Libiamo ne ́lieti calici” (Giuseppe Verdi). Interpretada/Performed: Dani Bravo, cinematography: José Miguel Guijarro, production: Spain 2020, running time: 10 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Deine schöne Gestalt (Beautiful You)
While Christine tries in vain to get her mute daughter to speak again, she meets Leonore. Focused on duties of family life, Christine becomes increasingly conscious of how her own speechlessness prevents her from expressing her own desires.

directed/written: Bernadette Kolonko, cast: Lucy Wirth, Birgit Unterweger, Emma Satzger, Daniel Wagner, Ursula Maria Burkhart, music: Franziska May, cinematography: Carolina Steinbrecher, production: Germany 2020, running time: 19 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Regarde passer mon fantôme (See my ghost passing away)
Between dreams and nightmares, Lilith sees the ghost of her lost love. A visually astonishing, enigmatic ghost story of an adolescent desire.

directed/written: Yann Pichot, cast: Lilith Grasmug, Lisha Pu, music: Tratenwald (Léonie Floret), cinematography: Charles-Hubert Morin, production: France 2019, running time: 12 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

One day at a public swimming pool Ayaneh meets Anna and instantly feels attracted to her. As the relationship between the two women develops, Ayaneh is confronted with growing resistance from her religious family.

directed/written: Nicolas Greinacher, cast: Mo Ahmadi, Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Ladina von Frisching, Mithra Zahedi, music: Ilario Circosta, cinematography: Carlotta Steinemann, production: Switzerland 2019, running time: 14 minutes, English/Polish subtitles

Adrienne and Stewart must care for their ailing mother in the face of an apparent sexual awakening and a strict nursing home policy. An emotional but humorous exploration of the complexities of ageing.

directed/written: Jamieson Pearce, cast: Melissa Jaffer, Jo Turner, Angie Milliken, Maggie Dence, Lucia Mastrantone, Irfan Hussein, music: Rose Riebl & Matthew Morison, cinematography: Alex Serafini, production: Australia 2019, running time: 14 minutes, Polish subtitles

Noor & Layla
Noor and Layla are breaking up. It’s the end of the road for these two Muslim women… or is it just the beginning? Five life-changing moments in their relationship are marked by the Muslim call to prayer.

directed/written: Fawzia Mirza, cast: Sahar B. Agustin-Maleki, Nicole Nwokolo, Urvah Khan, music: Urvah Khan, cinematography: Ashley Iris Gill, production: Canada 2021, running time: 13 minutes, Polish subtitles

running time:

82 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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