Love Tasting

The action takes place during the last week of school in a small Polish town’s junior high school. Waiting for the final party, several students pass the time at a city pool. In a scope of a few days, they will experience an emotional whirlwind of first fascinations, heartbreaks and disappointment. The recording of their experiences works as a final note of their junior high school phase and honestly portrays teenagers in their search for identity, belonging and connection.


Dawid Nickel


Anna Cieplak, Dawid Nickel


Mikołaj Matczak, Michał Sitnicki, Sandra Drzymalska, Nel Kaczmarek, Jakub Wróblewski, Zofia Świątkiewicz, Agnieszka Żulewska, Dobromir Dymecki


Michał Pukowiec


Poland 2020

running time:

84 minutes

English subtitles

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