Fag (PD)

Thomas, a 17-year-old high school student, finds himself attracted to Esteban, another boy from his school. The rumor of Thomas’s queerness is spreading fast, and he begins to suffer the gaze of others.

An impeccable script, great actors, an ideal directing, magical and bewitching music, and kind message make this film a magical experience and bring tears of happiness. Rarely do we have a chance to see such sincere and moving picture that can reach everyone’s heart.

“Fag” starts as a love story between two young boys to describe the mechanism of homophobia fueled by rumor.


Olivier Lallart


Paul Gomerieux, Jacques Lepesqueur, Yannis Perrier-Gustin, Henri Flesselle


Mekias, J. Zeus


Arthur Bourdaud, Anne-charlotte Henry


France 2019

running time:

35 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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