Dear Fredy

Fredy Hirsch was born in Germany, a proud Jew and openly gay man, he was 19 years old when the Nuremberg Laws were published, he fled from Germany to the Czech Republic. He began activities as a sports teacher in Jewish youth club, and soon dealt with more than 4,000 youth. When he arrived in Auschwitz, Fredy did not succumb to despair. He persuaded Mengele to set up a daycare center for children and youth and granted some 600 children their final moments of happiness. It might be that in Auschwitz, for the first time in his life, Fredy Hirsch didn’t experience homophobia. He had a lover, he was out and people loved him for all the good he did. Together with members of the underground in Auschwitz, he planned a revolt that never came to pass, following his death, which remains a mystery, and which Rubi Gat’s film attempts to reveal. The story of Fredy Hirsch is another link in the history of the gay community.


Rubi Gat


Ido Goldberg

animation design:

Mind The Gap Animation


Israel 2017

running time:

74 minutes

English/Polish subtitles

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