7th of August

On the 7th of August 2020, 2,000 people protested in Warsaw in solidarity with Margot, LGBT activist arrested in connection with the attack on a van plastered with homophobic language – a common sight on the streets of Polish cities since 2018. 48 manifestation attendants were arrested that day. Among them were people who speak in this film: Kajetan, Kamila, Krem, and Julia with her partner. Their stories help us understand what is the cost of being nonheteronormative members of Polish society with a deeply homophobic and transfobic government, and what is the actual situation of the pro-LGBT movement in this country.

“The Youth and Film” The Festival of Film Debuts in Koszalin – special mention in short documentaries category, for a film “that portraits with empathy the stories of people persistently excluded because of nothing more than just sexual preferences”.


Michał Bolland


Michał Bolland, Szymon Ziegler


Kasia Lins, Karol Łakomiec


Karol Łakomiec


Poland 2020

running time:

30 minutes

English subtitles

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