Beside the Vistula River
Kinga falls in love with a woman and joins people helping the protesters beaten up during the far-right Independence Day. It gives her strength to reject values she doesn’t agree with, and discover her true self once again.
written and directed by: Agata Korycka, cast: Aleksandra Pisula, Anna Gorajska, Anna Bielecka, Dobromir Dymecki, cinematography: Olaf Malinowski, music: Przemysław Książek, production: Poland 2020, running time: 40 minutes
Director, Agata Korycka will be a guest of the Festival in Warsaw

A Stranger
Marcin, a professional soldier, receives a proposition to join a mission in Kosovo. His partner, Kamil, is against his departure, and makes him choose between love and work. Things get even more complicated when Marcin’s mother gets involved…
written and directed by: Mario Podpora, cast: Jan Aleksandrowicz Krasko, Piotr Sędkowski, Miriam Aleksandrowicz, cinematography: Luke Borkowski, music: Ania Lenarcik & Edi Ann, production: Poland 2019, running time: 20 minutes
Director, Mario Podpora will be a guest of the Festival in Warsaw



running time:

60 minutes



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