Who Will Save The Roses? (Chi salverà le rose?)

Giulio (Carlo Delle Piane) is an old gentleman. Once a promising lawyer, he decided to earn his living as a poker player. In his spare time he takes care of his friend Claudio (Lando Buzzanca). Unfortunately Claudio becomes seriously ill and Giulio cannot play poker anymore to win money. They are now on a tight budget and Giulio has to fire the gardener and cook and even sell some furniture. But he tries to keep his poker face so Claudio doesn’t know anything about their problems. “Who Will Save the Roses”? is a sentimental comedy with a great cast and a truly Italian sense of humor.

The movie was the Globo d’oro nominee (Italian Golden Globe Awards) including: Golden Globe for the Best First Feature, the Best Actor (Carlo Delle Piane) and the Best Music


Cesare Furesi,


Cesare Furesi, Guido Furesi, Paola Mammini,


Giuseppe Pignone,


Marcello Peghin,


Carlo Delle Piane, Caterina Murino, Lando Buzzanca, Antonio Careddu, Philippe Leroy, Guenda Goria, Massimiliano Buzzanca, Eleonora Vallone,

Włochy 2017, 103′

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