Sidney & Friends

Sidney who is intersex grows up in rural Kenya. He doesn’t like wearing skirts and doing traditional girls’ chores, he wants to herd cattle and play football like other boys. He soon discovers that he is different and visibly stands out in the community. Sidney’s family believes their daughter is possessed by a demon who wants her to be a man. When they try to kill her in order to free her from the evil power, Sidney runs away to Nairobi. He wanders from slum to slum and when he is publicly stripped of clothes and beaten, he loses his hope. His life changes when he finally meets a group of transgender people. He makes new friends and together they fight against discrimination. They learn how to be happy, how to love themselves and other people.

“Sidney & friends” is a feature documentary that tells a story of a group of intersex and transgender people who fight for the right to life on the edge of Kenyan society. We learn about their dreams, hopes and everyday life.

Official Selection – BFI London Film Festival 2018

Polish première


Tristan Aitchison,


Tristan Aitchison,


Paul Terry,


Michael Daviot, Awuor Onyango, Charles Ouda,

UK 2018, 75′

    films-2018: The Repertoire

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