Polish Shorts

Girls (Dziewczyny)

Ania and Edie are a lesbian couple who share their mutual passion for drag kings. They dress up as men and perform on stage. The film follows their everyday life and show preparations as they try to employ the very stereotypical, macho-like, aggressive masculinity for the drag. They fight to be together and fulfill their artistic dreams in such a conservative country as Poland.

reż, scen: Anastazja Dąbrowska, zdj: Agnieszka Kokowska, muz: Robert Kobryń, Polska 2017, 19′


While playing a harpsichord, a musician needs to touch its keys. Touching is a common form of nonverbal communication. Every human being learns to touch before they learn to communicate verbally. People want to touch and desire to be touched. “Kinky” is a short film about Olga who plays a harpsichord and explores her body.

reż, scen: Tadeusz Chudy, zdj: Bynar, Project Pitchfork, muz: Tadeusz Chudy, Polska 2017, 25′

The Dream (Marzenie)

One’s dreams are somebody else’s fears… Two men meet no strings attached but they want a lot and fear even more.

reż, scen: Wojciech Olchowski, zdj: Wojciech Olchowski, muz: “Departing Myself” – Zoe.LeelA, “Blessed Are” – Pearl Taylor’s Grandbaby, obs: Jarno Pimperi, Mara Jelinko, Synes Elischka, Finlandia/Polska 2017, 11′

The Offering (Ofiarowanie)

A young priest is not ready to teach about love. Firstly he has to understand what love really means for him.

reż, scen, zdj: Konrad Bloch, muz: Sylwester Bugajak, obs: Mikołaj Dróżdż, Michał Chruściel, Sławomir Głazek, Polska 2016, 14′

Disdain (Pogarda)

When a tragedy strikes, two women have to face totally different problems in their relationship. This drama tells a story of a complicated love, sudden deprivation of liberty and cold-blooded manipulation.

reż, scen: Magdalena Korpas, Jo Malher, zdj: Filippo Mazzarino, Grzegorz Wierzchowski, muz: Marcin Korpas, obs: Magdalena Korpas, Mouna Mouna, 2017, 4′

Glam-guilty (Skazani na Glam)

The film tells a story of young gays living in Warsaw. They have just one nightclub they can party at and feel free and safe to express themselves. And thus they quickly become addicted to that special place.

reż, zdj: Lulu Zubczyńska, Polska 2015, 23′

Instead (Zamiast)

A boy sells his body on the streets of Warsaw. He never knows what to expect from his “customers”.

reż, scen: Bartosz Brzeziński, zdj: Egor Efimov, obs: Maria Pakulnis, Kamil Studnicki, Mateusz Łapka, Daniel Chryc, Joanna Derengowska, Polska 2015, 12′

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