My nature

Simone was born as a woman. Now as a man in his forties, he leaves his full-time job in his hometown in South Italy. He wants to live in idyllic, Umbrian countryside as close to the nature as possible. His journey is going to become one of self-discovery and self-understanding in order to make his dreams come true. Simone makes new friends and experiences new things. He learns to love himself after many years full of self-hate.


Massimiliano Ferraina, Gianluca Loffredo,


Massimiliano Ferraina, Simone Di Giacomantonio,


Pasquale Valle, Dimitris Sideris,


Simone Di Giacomantonio, Federica Gueli, Ingo Sohn, Fabio Baccigalupi, Lonia Scalera, Otello Boco, Lorraine Taylor, Davide Tolu,

Włochy 2016, 75′

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